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Enjoy the 14.82% profit and use our 10% trailing price floor.

After the biggest rally in 8 months Monday, stock investors were a bit more cautious as Americans awaited.Chart of the Day is provided to subscribers without warranty of any kind and accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or for any consequences of its use.Volatility is also quite high, moving approximately 4.5% per day based on Average True Range ( ATR ) divided by price.

The over simplification of the stock market like the one done in this article is poison to the investor.Average daily volume exceeds 13M shares, and average daily movement tops 4.5% per day.The casino resort chain routinely trades more than 11M shares per day.Financial services corporations provide excellent day-trading stocks.In the past week, the stock market has suffered through two of the worst single-day point drops in history.This visual computing company routinely trades more than 8M shares per day, has a Beta of 1.65 and has daily moves in excess of 2.5%. It is a low- to mid-priced stock.The three-day rule helps maintain an orderly stock market and has implications for dividend investors.Best Answer: Not only can you buy and sell stock the next day, you can buy and sell the stock seconds after purchase it.

Subscribe to receive FREE updates, insights and more, straight to your inbox.With a price in the low range, combined with the speculative nature of the stock, it has a tendency to attract a lot of short-term traders.The stock market today offers incredible investing opportunities for long-term wealth building.

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We look at 25 stocks with characteristics that make them perfect for day traders.Stocks closed lower Monday, notching their worst day of the year, as a new measure taken by the Trump administration on immigration sent jitters through the market.Join other Institutional Investors receiving FREE personalized market updates and research.

The social media giant does loads of daily volume, averaging over 60M shares.Simply put, the best day of the week for stocks in terms of performance is Wednesday.Relative to established technology companies, the stock is speculative, appealing to short-term traders.

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Welcome to Please help us personalize your experience.The New York Stock Exchange reopened that day following a nearly four-and-a-half-month closure since July 30, 1914, and the Dow in fact rose several percent that day.

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The electronics maker is one of the most recognizable brands in the world.The online search provider averages more than 20M shares a day and moves more than 3.5% per day.

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These categories are not an indication of value, only absolute cost.This company operates in solar energy and semiconductor materials, and trades more than 12M shares per day.

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The airline is a sister stock to Delta Airlines, mentioned earlier, and therefore the two stocks often move in a similar fashion.

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Its Beta is 1.85 and its price borders on the low to the middle category.Check your email and confirm your subscription to complete your personalized experience.The stock is heavily traded by day traders around the EIA Petroleum Status Report (Wednesdays at 10:30 EST ), due to the sharp price moves that can result.See what are the best stocks to day trade and 7 methods for scanning the market to find these hot stocks.Over the past couple of weeks, however, Chinese stocks sold off very sharply (e.g. down over 20% peak to trough) and broke below support of its very steep upward sloping trend channel.The stock has a Beta of 1.64 and is also priced in the low range, making it an accessible day-trading stock for those with limited capital.