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CFA Institute Industry Guides vi WWW.CFAINSTITUTE.ORG Industry References 104 Books 104 Periodicals 105 Research and Data Providers 106.

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PNEC petroleum data management conference to feature global case studies.Oil and Gas Industry Fatal and Nonfatal Occupational Injuries.

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The scientists estimated that CO 2 in the atmosphere could reach 400 parts per million by 2000.

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Protesters demonstrate at the COP 21 climate change summit in Paris.

Learn about how to end them!.Learn how our supplies and services can help you make the most of your oil and gas fields.The Stanford Research Institute presented a report to the American Petroleum Institute (API) in 1968 that warned the release of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels could carry an array of harmful consequences for the planet.

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If you are in the energy business responsible for drilling, producing, processing or refining oil and gas, you know the importance of safe, reliable operations.

The figures behind the oil and gas industry in the United States are impressive.Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. - Subsidiary of the Colonial Group.The subsequent findings were then covered up to protect company profits, according to the environmental law group.As early as the 1950s, the groups shared scientists and publicists to downplay dangers of.This huge increase in CO 2, the primary driver of the greenhouse effect, has helped global temperatures rise by 1C over the past century.

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A new process can cheaply clean extremely briny water coming up from.The petroleum industry includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing.

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The billions of dollars in annual tax and royalty revenue from oil and natural gas.The oil and gas industry is under pressures that will transform it.

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I thank you for inviting me here today to speak on risk management in the offshore oil and gas industry.Headquartered near Pittsburgh, our experienced team understands the unique challenges of the region from steep terrain, to high consequence areas.

The day of the huge integrated international oil company is drawing to a close.In fact, CO 2 levels broke that milestone last year, recording their largest leap on record.

Offshore magazine has partnered with the University of Houston to host the Offshore Learning Center which currently contains 281 videos, 62 posters, 19 featured articles and more.

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Energy is one of the most important markets in the world, and the geophysical industry is the foundation of ensuring safe, affordable, and accessible oil and gas exploration and development.

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