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Positional trading requires margin of Rs.45,000, whereas nifty future intraday.Majority will trade in current month as if we carry forward we can keep as an holding for three months time period.Read more about Nifty to trade in US from today on Business Standard. with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange starting the trade in Nifty Futures from tomorrow.How to square off value of stock.if we (not settled)leave the short position of stock till the last second of the contract period.Yes.I think these changes takes place after heavy correction in stocks in 2008.Before,there was a fixed lot system independant of the future price.thereafter it was changed to variable lot system with change in price.

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Basically trading involves big risk either you trade in Nifty future or in any other future contract or in stocks.

If the exchange or broker finds that the money in your account is less than the margin then it will automatically square your position (they will sell it if you bought the Future and buy it if you sold the future).Volatile stocks need more margin and less volatile shares need lesser margins.I would like to add one more thing here which is very rarely known about futures and that is the fact that in India the value of 1 Lot of a Future is Rs. 2,00,000 approx.

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A complete Traders portal solely made for the INDIAN NIFTY TRADERS.You can sell your Future at any time before the expiry and on the day of expiry your Future will be cash settled which means that you will either pay the difference if you are in a loss or you will be paid the difference if you are in profit.

Nifty future has lowest margin requirement in future segment for intraday trading.Can you please write a few lines on, how to trade in options and how call and put options are used as hedge for future trading.

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Nifty is comprised of 50 stocks, hence diversified and carries lower risk.We should avoid ego, panic, over enthusiasm to do intraday trade.Nifty futures contracts comprise the acceptable lot size of 50 or multiplies 50.This app is solely for educational purposes With this...

Market may not listen us and react for us, but we can understand market technically with those who predicts market like us.

Nifty calculated in the lot size of 50 and its multiples are traded and it has three month future contracts which is known as near month next month and far month.I will go through this again and again, till I develop the same kind of thinking.After subscribing to our service, traders are requested to follow all our calls and not.The Sensex declined 0.1% to 29398 while the Nifty ended trade little.Introduction: Indian traders have realized that benifit of trading in the the nifty future from past couple of years.One of the safest place in the stock market is Nifty trading, you will be able to learn many things without losing here.

For Free nifty Future Option Tips this blog is best nifty blog.Technical analyst Ravi Nathani of tells the best strategy to trade Nifty. futures.So, while in April you can buy an April contract that will expire on 26th April 2012, the May Future will expire on 31st May 2012 and the June Future will expire on June 28th 2012.How to trade Nifty Futures and Bank Nifty Futures as per Trend Changer.How this diffference is maintained if trade is not taking palce or with less volume in contract of one month.Traders must exit when either targets are achieved or stop loss (SL) is hit.That is just commonsense that the price increases with passage of time.Nifty Futures Futures is a type of financial contract.Most of the Futures volume is traded on the National Stock Exchange and Nifty is the indicator of the National.

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But I must suggest investor to keep away from future trading as it may even wipe out all your wealth on one bad day.This is an example of how to find good technical levels to trade against.Fear that dollar inflows from the US might cease, in case the quantitative easing by the US stops, has led to unwinding of long positions in Nifty futures.

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Finally, Section Four of this guide will provide an example of a futures trade,.You can look at the list that your broker offers to see if you can trade Futures in a particular stock or index or not.

Calculate how much brokerage and taxes you pay on your futures.

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In this case you make profit when the price of the share goes down because you have already sold the share and are hoping to buy it back at a lower price.The NIFTY Futures is an Index derivative which derives its value from the NIFTY 50 Index and can be traded.

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Theoretically, this is more dangerous than buying a Future because there is no limit to how high a share can go.

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You are right in saying that stop-loss price usually get triggered but all experts suggest that you should put a stop-loss.Two contract of two different months always maintain a constant difference.In case of Zinc,Aluminium or lead, the difference is almost Rs.1. Now April Zinc LTP is around 105 and May is 106.

They are exactly opposite of Put options, which give you the right to sell in the.Lets do the bull calendar spread trade: Sell to open 2 lots of Nifty FEB 6000 CE:.

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Example, you buy NIFTY Futures which are expiring on last Thursday.